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Afriqsms (powered by Cyberglobe Career and Placement Network ) is a global messaging solution. The focus is not only Africa but the whole world as a whole. Afriqsms aims to contribute to effective and efficient communication worldwide.

Afriqsms services will not only lead to efficiency and effectiveness but will improve the marketing efforts of our various clients worldwide.

 Afriqsms offer a flexible service as no two clients have the same needs.



Afriqsms is committed to becoming our clients’ most highly valued advisor by demonstrating our unique understanding of their needs and aspirations and exceeding expectations in every interaction and solution we present to them.



Afriqsms will become the recognized management and financial  consulting leader in every market we serve.


Our Belief
Afriqsms was built on the belief that it is the people who makes the biggest difference in any organization.

 Our Commitment
We stay with our clients from solution to resolution.

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