• Compose SMS with dynamic sender ID
  • Create SMS that automatically pick phone book names and inserts in your message
  • Type multiple sms recipients, select recipient or recipient group from phonebook or upload recipients from text and csv(excel) file
  • save sms messages in draft folder
  • Edit/delete messages from your draft folder
  • SMS character counter for composing SMS i.e Page: 1, Characters left: 157, Total Typed Characters: 3
  • SMS scheduling for future delivery.
  • Removes duplicate/repeated numbers in recipient list.
  • Phone book to store phone groups and numbers
  • Accepts multiple numbers and uploaded numbers with comma, colon, semicolon or put each number on a separate line.
  • Upload batch numbers and names into phonebook from excel
  • Upload numbers to phone group from text file or csv or xml
  • Type numbers to phone book group at once
  • Automatic removal of invalid characters from numbers e.g space,;,:,.,',`,(,),,{,},#,-,_ and ?
  • Displays member SMS units left
  • Delete a phone book group and all its records
  • View to all sent sms messages with recipients, message,status, credit used, date scheduled, date delivered and channel used
  • Resend any previously sent sms message with one click
  • Search, copy and sort sent sms messages with page numbers and page size
  • Order/Request/purchase sms credits with automatic cost calculator and currency conversion
  • Transaction/purchase history with Transaction date, amount, credit requested, status and date approved
  • Search, copy and sort transaction history with page numbers and page size
  • Create an SMS Signature to be automatically appended to your outgoing sms messages
  • Change password on settings page or use joomla user details page
  • Set your default sender ID
  • Members can transfer SMS units to another member and the transfer gets logged in transaction history
  • Members can load SMS units into their account through recharge vouchers that have been pre-generated by admi
  • Members can Send SMS From their facebook page without visiting your site
  • Members can access their phonebook records from their facebook without visiting your site e.t.c



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